PaCIE Annual Conference
October 16-18, 2014
Harrisburg Hilton

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October 16:

Pre-Conference Workshops!

Common Core and Global Competencies Workshop This one day workshop provides teachers and administrators with an overview of the skills and tools needed to integrate global understanding into their classrooms.  The workshop focuses on defining Global Competency, understanding the relationship between the Common Core and Global Competencies, and sharing strategies to begin the integration process. This workshop will be hosted by PaCIE board members. For additional information, please contact Christina Good: 215- 884-9430,

Standards of Good Practice Workshop: Focus on Standard 2 (Academic Framework) and Standard 3 (Student Learning and Development) Wrestling with how to bring into line the best academic intentions with a meaningful education abroad experience? This workshop focuses on Student Learning, Development and the Academic Framework for Education Abroad and will help you to identify the resources and design programming to assist in this effort. Through case studies involving specific examples, participants will address critical issues often introduced by colleagues in higher education who are unfamiliar with the importance of tying these two areas together in education abroad. This is a Forum Certification Workshop.

The Forum on Education Abroad’s workshops focus on issues of concern to the field of education abroad and are led by experienced Forum-trained facilitators. They are designed to be highly interactive, timely and informative, providing participants with current best practices and how these practices can be implemented to meet the Forum’s Standards of Good Practice. For additional information, please contact Christina Good: 215- 884-9430,

October 17-18:
PaCIE’s annual conference will continue to provide high-quality sessions for global educators in Pennsylvania. Sessions tracks include technology and integrating technology into the classroom, networking and the facilitation of idea-sharing through global events and classes, educating the educators on a variety of core topics sanguine to today’s current events, and many others. As part of the design, PaCIE will integrate the very popular Open Spaces model into its approach to allow participants to engage with each other on topics of interest in  a structured way. Open Spaces discussions will be facilitated by board members in attendance and will yield ideas, goals, and information for PaCIE to pursue throughout the coming year.

Full 2014 Conference Itinerary